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Jan 28, 2020

Today we have a very unique story to discuss with you HIT squad, our guests Jon and David are a part of an organization called No Barriers which is stunningly inspirational.
Jon is the Director of Operations and Logistics after more than 21 years as a United States Army Infantry Officer.
He has experience leading soldiers in challenging situations around the globe. During his career, John served tours in South Korea and Egypt, and was deployed to combat in Iraq.
He is a graduate of the rigorous U.S. Army Ranger School and is a Master Parachutist, Pathfinder, and Air Assault Soldier.
David is the Founder and after losing his hiking boots to a hungry hyena on the Nyika Plateau of northern Malawi, Dave and his friends spent a few intense months backpacking across Southern
Africa while crafting their personal visions for changing the world. Little could he have known that the vision he crafted would guide the next 15+ years of his life. Dave outlined a plan to create a
thriving organization built on the belief that transformative experiences, delivered to those poised and ready to receive them, have the power to shift one’s life path forever. Just as important as
the experiences provided, would be the community he believed the organization would create.
No Barriers is the result of that vision.
The mission these two gentlemen have has embarked on is nothing short of inspirational. the organization they lead “No Barriers” is on a mission is to fully unleash the potential of the human spirit.  
Through transformative experiences, tools and inspiration, they help people embark on a quest to contribute their absolute best to the world.  In the process, they foster a community of curious,
brave and collaborative explorers who are determined to live the No Barriers Life.
And when I say explores, I mean that, I am really looking forward to this episode, HIT Squad please join me in welcoming Jon Toth and David Shurna to the HIT Show!

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