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Apr 29, 2020

Today we have a US Navy combat Veteran of 3 wars with 22 years of service to the United States Navy and his wife Melinda as our honored guests.
He is a proud Mustang LDO with submarine, Surface Ship and Naval Special Warfare leadership experience.
Melinda has been self-employed since 2006 and is the co-owner if Navy Paddles and makes her own way in business, looking forward to digging in.
Kyle Nyseth served on several different ships that include the USS Norfolk where he was in enemy territory off the coast of Bosnia, the USS Parche where he participated in three top secret missions in the Berean Sea and received the Presidential Unit Citation. During that duty station there were NASA scientists on board studying the sailor’s behavior in a closed and isolated environment for the upcoming Mars Mission and was honored to fly the Jolly
Roger. Then 9-11 happened and he took the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit to Iraq on the USS Duluth. At his next duty station he served as Chief Engineer for Special Boat Team 12
and deployed with a MK-V (Mark 5 patrol boat) squadron to the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia. In 2007 Kyle was one of the commissioning officers at Riverine Squadron 3 in Yorktown Virginia. There he took “Blue Water” sailors and trained them in the Marine School of Infantry to be warfighters. They performed boots on the ground force protection on the Euphrates River from the Syrian border to Baghdad. Kyle finished his career at Special Boat Team 12 as Chief Engineering Officer in San Diego, CA.
Upon retiring from the US Navy in 2012, Kyle Nyseth followed his entrepreneurial drive by starting The paddle has become an icon of teamwork that stretches across all
branches of the military, fire and police. This business provides unique and customized handmade memorabilia wooden products to military, fire and police to serve as a way of "Honoring their Achievements and Remembering Milestones". It is truly a "Craft of Honor" that allows Kyle to stay connected to the military community that was his family for so long and to continue to serve others that are sacrificing so much.
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